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LOVE LIGHT & POETRY (LLP) poetry workshops provide access to creative writing sessions to communities left within the peripheries of arts education. At an affordable rate, participants examine poetry, prose, and music that embody LLP’s mission to inspire the creation of poetic works. Through the establishment of community agreements participants are held to honor the artistic space, offer their authentic selves, and affirm one another in the restorative process of healing through poetry. You can access examples of our intentionally curated workshops here.

Here's our upcoming workshop below:


No upcoming events at the moment
1 (2)
Final Freedom in the Flesh
Black Joy Resistance
This Soul ain't Free
1-Dream Manifestation Poetics
Rebirths & Reclamations
FINAL A Bag Lady Release
Who Gives The Giver
Copy of Fall_ Season of Self- Preservati
Alhamdulillah Sis, We Made it -3
Audre Flyer (1)
LLP Workshop 2
Copy of Rabih Workshop August
LLP Workshop 2 (2)


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