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The day of the workshop happened to be my birthday...I knew that this year was going to be one of immense change and newness but I needed to identify all the areas in my life that needed healing from past hurt and pain. That day I was able to place my thoughts and history on paper and at the end share with the others in an intimate safe space. That day I transitioned and I’ve been growing ever since. This fellowship is amazing and life changing.

- Jonathan Farrington | Rebirths & Reclamations Workshop


I've been searching for an outlet that wasn't religion based nor judgemental around the depths of poetry. An opportunity to not only learn how to write but why I write no matter who hears/reads my thoughts. LLP provides verbal oxygen in a toxic world that suffocates the life out of verbs in order to gain likes on the gram. What did I learn from February's edition of the LLP workshop?..."I fear ever dying and not letting the world see, feel, hear my impact"

- Rod, The Specialist| Legacy Building Workshop

[Rabih] provides a safe space for women to express their emotions and find opportunities for healing.

- Ivelise | Alhamdulillah Sis, We Made It Workshop

"Yesterday was so beautiful and so well needed.I felt grounded the minute I walked into that space you curated and I’m using today to brainstorm how I can carry that feeling into my chaotic week. LLP is such an amazing and authentic brand and I’m so happy I got to witness it in person. Fingers crossed I’m able to make it to the next one."

- Simone Williams| Alhamdulillah Sis, We Made It Workshop

I love the way that [Rabih] makes everyone feel at home and creates a safe space for everyone to express themselves freely. I can’t even explain the traumas that attending an LLP workshop have helped me get over. Attending these events helped me speak on topics that I wasn’t too sure that I was ready to voice. I’ve learned about self love, womanhood , growth , and just being able to stand in my own power. Along the way I had the pleasure of meeting amazing people who may start at a different place but are following the same journey...

- Yaritza Diaz | Alhamdulillah Sis, We Made It Workshop


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