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Black Love

Black love is that feeling of heat

Grazing across your body

It is a force to be reckoned with

Black love is when milk and honey collide

Causing an increase of interactions in the ecosystem

When blood moons reoccur again and again

It is as if the sun and the moon have defied

The currents of the nile

To reach the stature of Tut and Nefertiti

Black love

Is this sensual touch upon the universe

Black love is the heat in the early morning

Brown skin gliding across your caramel smooth skin

Black love feels like that Whitley and Dwayne kinda love

Imperfect but perfect within its ways

Black love is the universes way of blessing us with peace

Bestowing upon us a galactic force in human flesh

Black love

Recolors the shades of the rainbow

Into 50 shades of brown after a sun storm

Black love is the sound of his heart increasing

When his touch is all you deserve

The only one you wish to observe

Black love is the epitome of love

Waiting to rip through the mantle of the earth's core

Can you hear the unlocking of chains

That have prevented Black love from becoming a state of normality

A love so beautiful

So indescribable

Profound and exceptional

Black love is growth on the 10 dimension

Black love...

For you I will meditate

Just to dissipate any enemies of progression

Call it what you want, maybe an obsession

But I must make a confession

Black Love...

I am addicted to you

I'm addicted to the way you make me feel

As predicted, I am whole with you

May this love remain self-inflicted

Black love I like the way you move

Black love..

Shower me with your waters

Let me cleanse my mind

Insert your perspective,

Convince me of your argument,

Contradict yourself,

So I can enjoy this longer..

Back up your claims,

And delve into this as your evidence.

Remind me of what this Black Queen deserves.

Extend the nile upon my back with this perspective,

Remain reflective,

Change position and obtain your objective.

Black love, you are the epicenter of knowledge

of love

of light

and of divinity

Black Love..

You are Black excellence

Black Love...

You are perfect in all your imperfect ways

Black Love

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