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There is even tension between sunset And when the moon rises Birthed as Dusk

I am learning to Adjust to tension To calamity As I must adjust to tears Respect my tears Give them as much powers as I give my fears I must understand the sacredness of the watering Of the seeds in my pores That will later sprout in similes And in boundless laughter Calamity Disfunction Disarray occurs in cycles In between great and elevated Just as you are smiling brightly to the sun The moon with come near to ground you Reckon you with your realities Awaken your Suppressed emotions Suppressed emotions: It is As if fighting through the constructs of my culture and religion Each and every day is not enough walking with my hair fluttering in the wind Yet kneeling 17 times a day Come take a look at my knees And ill show you dedication Ill show what it means... How real this is... To be woman and Muslim at the same time There are things I cannot explain Sometimes there are holes in my tongue before I can come up with something To make this clear for you But what I know that is certain Is calamity Tension It will surface Just as it surfaces After a long night And I still dedicate my knees to the God that serves me Just one day Try to be me And you will truly learn what respect looks like What dedication feels like

Just as dedicated calamity is to our lives I need to adjust Just as the sun

at dusk


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