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The process of falling into myself

Is becoming a beautiful journey

I remember a time

Where I felt like although the sun was out

It would not shine on me

I could feel the Caribbean sun

piercing through my skin

But would not enter my soul

To fill me with joy

I was on the forbidden island

In solitude to meet myself

This was just the beginning

I felt buried within the darkness

Not knowing I was finally planted

Now I can feel the earth in between my toes

Roots so deeply planted

There is no moving me

Just adjusting to the currents of life

Twirling like the leaves

Pouring like rain

Till all my eyes can do is emulate


The sun remains over me

Penetrating its rays into my soul

I am finally... falling into myself

I am falling in love with my ability

to grant myself freedom

Kiss myself with liberation at night

Move, speak with such tenderness

validate my own emotions

Affirm my inability to be impoverished

with all this love and light around me

all up in me...

all up in my poetry...

She helps me understand the woman

I am manifesting

The woman that is blooming in all seasons

Sometimes she gets trampled by those not paying attention

Sometimes by rainfall

But is turning herself

Into a healer

Healer of the women before

And the ones that will come after her

A poetic healer of her community

Finding beauty in the weight

of knowing and seeing

and being unable to

un-know and un-see

This is my ancestral responsibility

Through my pen I channel

The Griots and Griottes of my foremothers

Write so they smile

Write so they see

Write so they feel


Work my lyrical magic

To loosen the numbness that occurs

from the tragedies we face

passed continents, rivers, boarder, barrios

Through this divine responsibility

I am

falling into myself

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