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This is a piece that speaks to the emotional fluidity of men. The inability to be emotionally transparent with your brother due misconstrued concepts of masculinity. This is a letter to black boys urging them to express their love for one another before its too late.

Black Boy

What a blessing you are

What a beauty you’ve become

How joyful you have grown to be

No soul should have to carry the weight you do

No body will train till grief becomes an unknown chemical to your body

And since Black boys don’t cry

They will have no choice but to cry when you’re dead

When the man made metal pierces through your skin

They’re eyes will begin to water

When the collision of two automobiles

Turns your seat belts into angel wings

They will hold their faces in such disbelief

Dear Black boys please learn to swim

For your destinies will require this life skill

You will have to swim in the sorrows of the brother you loved

But never got the chance to use those three words

To affirm his being

Affirm his body

Affirm his spirit

his smile

He told me that he loved you

Like you were one of his own

He told me he loved all of you

Like you were his kin

His bredren

Gone…too... soon

For anyone to recollect the memories of middle and high school

Each reunion is around the one who couldn’t make it

Swollen eyes,

Reminiscent smiles,

Coupled hands in prayer for the deceased.

He is still in disbelief

His faith is running on E

Begging and asking Jehovah, God please not another one

“Brother forgive me

For not crying out my love for you

For the rivers of my tears

May have saved you from destiny’s desire”

Black boys please understand your body needs watering too

You might save one another

It will save you from the guilt

The could have’s

The should have’s

The questioning of God

The why’s

The vengeance

The denial

And the realization

That yet another one of your beloved brothers

is gone

#blackboy #emotions #love #brotherhood

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