The process of falling into myself

Is becoming a beautiful journey

I remember a time

Where I felt like although the sun was out

It would not shine on me

I could feel the Caribbean sun

piercing through my skin

But would not enter my soul

To fill me with joy

I was on the forbidde...

This body is my home

I hoard the weight of the generations before me

Some might call it transgenerational baggage

Airports might call me a walking terrorist

This body be




Under attack

On fire

All in the same

No firemen to come to my rescue

To put me out

I've been...

I struggle with love poems
My gift with words seems to become dim and frail
When trying to emulate my love story
Onto a page
into a poem
Love poems say shit like
"You are the one for me
And may this love last forever
Im truly in love with you"

And thats not what I'm t...

This is a piece that speaks to the emotional fluidity of men. The inability to be emotionally transparent with your brother due misconstrued concepts of masculinity. This is a letter to black boys urging them to express their love for one another before its too late.


After spending the day in the home of Langston Hughes in Harlem, this poem pays homage to the legacy of Langston Hughes. Check out a photo of this typewriter in "Gallery."

Thank you for your mark on this world

Your magic transcends the windows of this home


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