My islam
is forgetting Muslim in my bio
and just adding it back

is high school me & my thesis
traveling up & down this city for hijabi’s
and those like me

My islam
& hella black girl magical
laced in hour glass bodies
& Eid Afro’s
forgets to pick up the...

The battle

is keeping peace and tranquility

at the center of your being.

what we do 

is center ourselves,             

around ourselves           


this will rub others the wrong way,

even the ones we love most.


I hope to find grounding in you

refuge in you

confirmation in you.

I hope to be reminded of the sound of R&B

because I know once Brandy

aint sound the same,

I began to loose 

my sense of purpose.

Lost in the ether

unable to find grounding.

Everywhere was surrounded by honey bee'...

Sharing yourself with the world isn’t easy. I consider myself to be an “emotional” being that is trying to find a balance between keeping poetry, an entity that helps me feel, helps me understand my location in this world, private yet share it publicly at the same...


In May of 2009, I, along with 11 other young writers in NYC were chosen to travel to South Africa to meet Nelson Mandela. Two weeks ago at the Apollo for the Young Producers Club's night of activating change, I thought of Mandela. I thought of his legacy. His im...

The original piece I wrote was called "Sistahhood" where I was exploring failed relationships with women throughout the years. This poem speaks to the way things are teleological, all events and instances that occur in our lives have a purpose. Today, I am grateful for...

Black love is that feeling of heat

Grazing across your body

It is a force to be reckoned with

Black love is when milk and honey collide

Causing an increase of interactions in the ecosystem

When blood moons reoccur again and again

It is as if the sun and the moon have defied


Thank you for paving the way

For Black Woman poets

Like me

You see

You, like Ogun, cleared the way

For us to lyrically bite down 

With teeth you helped to sharpen

Make pages bleed the sorrows we transcribe through our pens

Mother Sonia

You looked like the sun

Hiding behind those...

For the semi- permed, fake natural girls
Like me

Who can feel the war between the new growth
And those laid follicles
I love the big afros I see walking around
How beautiful those puffs take up all the space in the room
And demand you to look at them
Hair so beautiful...

There is even tension between sunset
And when the moon rises
Birthed as

I am learning to
Adjust to tension
To calamity
As I must adjust to tears
Respect my tears
Give them as much powers as I give my fears

I must understand the sacredness of the watering

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