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*We have expanded our work outside of NYC since the completion of this video*

LOVE LIGHT & POETRY(LLP) offers poetry as a route to cultivating community, expanding creative writing skills and performance experience. LLP carves out a space for writers who belong to the economic, racial, or ethnic margins of the traditional literary world. In a holistic approach to poetry, we utilize art as a liberatory tool for healing and collective dreaming. 


At an affordable rate, LLP offers poetry performances, poetry workshops, and inspirational apparel to expose society to the medicinal elements of poetry. Our participants examine poetry, prose, and music that embody LLP’s mission and inspire the creation of original poetic works. Our poetry workshops are offered at community-based spaces in-person and remotely.

LLP inspires individuals to follow their passions and to manifest their life’s destiny. We are all creators, through what medium will you fill the world with love & light?


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